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Dating a guy 5 years younger

My husband is and has always been one of the wisest people I know.

At the age of 23 he was more mature than some 40 year olds.

How they lived and the things they were into totally brought me back to the days of being a college student — and not necessarily in a good way. Age might only be a number, but life phases are a very real thing. Because of this, we had different income levels and expectations for social activities.

Although we managed to meet in the middle most of the time, our age gap showed when it came to differences in lifestyle. Despite our obvious differences (which became increasingly clear as the weeks went on), one of the main reasons I’ll never regret dating my younger guy was because he treated me like a queen.

On the other hand, the difference between a 45 year-old man and a 50 year-old woman is basically nothing. And some single women are at an age when a five year age difference means nothing.

Which gets to the problem with this blogger’s advice: it cannot be generalized. My heart is especially tender for this latter category of singles, since I have a number of single friends in their 30’s and 40’s who long to be married but have fewer and fewer options available to them.

Although I never thought I’d date someone that much younger than me, it was one of the best dating experiences I’ve had. Part of the reason I’ve always shied away from dating younger guys us that I just assumed they would be immature.When it became clear that we’d probably not work out, we talked about it and decided to stay friends. Simone Paget Simone is a freelance writer and author of the sexy and irreverent blog Skinny Dip.When she’s not writing her heart out, she loves wandering her city with a large cup of coffee in hand, in search of the next great story.Too often they reflect more about the list-maker’s personal preferences than solid biblical counsel.You can spot this mistake when a list focuses on certain expressions of a virtue or vice, rather than the virtues or vices themselves.

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All the older music that I still liked listening to, his friends were into “ironically.” His friends were young, too.

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